Beautiful Piano Proposal In Singapore – Sweet Piano Playing By Groom!

Most Singaporeans simply prefer to go on a holiday trip and then propose at the top of a mountain or in front of a romantic location. However, there are others who prefer to do it locally, with the help of friends and with more effort than just randomly proposing on a holiday trip.

As you can see the video from below, a real gentleman in Singapore is proposing to his future wife (then girlfriend) by playing a piano song and singing a ballad to her. In fact, even his good buddies have decided to join in as well! It looks like a well orchestrated wedding proposal in Singapore videoed by Octopus Wedding of Singapore (unfortunately it seems like they are already stopped their operations… not sure why.).

Adding a piano to the proposal just makes it that much more romantic. Of course, a guitar may also work, but we love piano more, so let us talk about it! In fact, playing the piano as part of a wedding proposal is quite common outside of Singapore as you can see from the various examples here.

In my opinion, adding a piano song (perhaps play the favourite romantic song you and your girlfriend loves) is a great icing on the cake when it comes to proposing to your girlfriend in Singapore! After all, it is still a relatively new concept in Singapore, and you can stand out more. Being a musician on top of being the attractive you will just add that slightly higher probability that your future wife will say YES! If you also want to be able to perform like that at your own proposal, consider taking some local music classes in SG!

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