Groom Moved Bride To Tears By Playing ‘All Of Me’ Piano Song At Wedding

I recently found a very sweet video of a groom who surprised his wife during his actual wedding day by performing John Legend’s ‘All Of Me’. He did not actually know how to play the piano, but he self taught himself (according to the video’s description) how to play the piano.

Did you see the bride’s surprised and touched reaction? She was literally trying not to cry out loud because she was so touched!!! If you are a man looking to get married relatively soon, taking a few quick adult piano lessons in Singapore is a great way to surprise your bride and soon-to-be wife!

In my opinion, learning to play a beautiful love song on the piano and surprising your future spouse with it is a very touching thing. In Singapore, most couples only say out a speech, and mention their parents. Why would you be another statistic?

In fact, make your wedding in Singapore stand out. Make your own wedding memorable for yourself and your guests by playing the piano and surprising your bride! It is definitely a very sweet move if done right.

If you are looking for adult piano lessons in Singapore so you can pull a similar pleasant and sweet surprise on your future wife during your wedding, you may want to get a teacher from a local music teacher agency. There are several in Singapore, but one of the most recommended piano agencies I know of in Singapore is Sg Learn Piano website.

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