Should Your Child Take Home Or School Piano Lessons? Kiasu Parents Guide

Should your child take private home or school piano lessons? Many middle and upper class married couples in Singapore send their children for piano lessons starting from a young age. Therefore, this is a question that many Singaporean parents are asking. Let me try to best answer this question as much as possible from the point of view of a person who has a lot of experience working with couples.

First of all, do both you and your spouse work full time? If so, do either of you have the time and energy to send your child to piano lessons during your break times or after your work? If your child is really young, I seriously want you to consider getting home based piano lessons for your child instead. This way, you and your spouse can relax at home and still take care of your child while the piano lessons are being conducted. On the other hand, your choice can be more flexible if your child is already a teenager. However, most teenagers in Singapore have a very hectic school schedule, so it is actually more convenient for a teenage child to take home piano lessons so travelling time can be reduced to zero.

Second of all, is your child definitely going to learn piano all the way? If you are not sure if your child wishes to learn piano seriously, you should ideally send your child for school piano lessons or to the teacher’s studio instead. This way, you do not need to purchase a piano upfront first. You can let your child learn this way first, and then see how to proceed depending on your child’s actual interest level after taking a few music lessons in Singapore.

Third of all, it depends on whether you child learns best in a group environment or one to one. School lessons are sometimes taught in a group. Whereas, private home piano lessons are always one to one. Some children learn better in groups, while others work better one to one. Check with your child and you should act according to that.

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