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How To Propose In Style In Singapore – Impress Your Bride

Most Singaporean couples go on a holiday, usually Australia, and then there will be a mountain hike of some form. Then the Singaporean guy will suddenly get on his knees, and pop out a ring, while someone captures the photo of that moment for them. Why so cringey and be the 1001st guy doing this??? You definitely want to blow your bride and friends and family members away by doing something unique.

Here are some ideas to help you make your proposal more unique! You do not have to thank me if it works, just kiss your bride to be and enjoy the moment!

First of all, you could propose by presenting her with flowers and serenading your girlfriend with a piano song! Piano or guitars or violins usually do the trick. Please stay away from drums and cymbals, no girl wants to be proposed to in that manner in Singapore. If you want to learn your girlfriend’s favourite piano song to serenade her and propose to her, you may want to first check out the rates for adult piano lessons in Singapore.

With this method, not only will you impress and move your girlfriend, you will likely be the topic of her friends talking about your proposal! I guarantee that your soon to be fiancĂ©’s friends will be talking to their boyfriends about how you proposed.

Second of all, if you have the dollars and are big enough of a baller, you could whisk your girlfriend away on a chartered private jet using a service such as Vista Jet. They are able to cater to your whims and whams as long as they are legal. They can prepare for your proposal on flight. Some people may say this is a bad idea as there is only two of you on the plane, and the probability of her saying no is higher because there is no social pressure from people physically around you two. However, to that I say, if she says no in that way, because of that, then she will say no regardless and she was never right for you.

This is quite a baller method, so may not be suitable for all. However, the good news is, you two can enjoy the rest of your flight after the proposal! Hint: I recommend doing this on the return flight in case things don’t go well, it’s going to be awkward or even if it goes well, the trip might feel oddly different and less relaxed.

Third of all, whatever you do, please do not do the clichĂ©, ‘Shall we get a HDB?’. Please do not. That is for people back in the 1980s. Not today.

adult piano lessons in Singapore

All About Learning The Piano In Singapore As An Adult

If you are interested in taking piano lessons in Singapore as an adult, you may want to read this article. This is because there are some differences when it comes to adult piano lessons in Singapore compared to normal lessons for children.

Not all teachers in Singapore want to teach adult piano lessons

First of all, not every teacher in Singapore wants to teach adult piano lessons. This is simply because most adults only learn for a short period of time. Some adults who want to take piano lessons only want just a few lessons. This is because most adults in Singapore only take music lessons to learn one or two songs and stop. As a result of this, some piano tutors are not keen to take in adult students. However, some are fine with it.

Just keep in mind that you should check with the teacher or the piano tutor agency in Singapore before confirming on the teacher. You do not want any unnecessary misunderstanding. It will be terrible if the piano teacher turned up expecting a child only to meet an adult. You do not want to start off your adult piano lessons on a bad note. If you go through an agency, most piano teacher agency websites will also have you fill up a short form which requires you to indicate the student’s age anyway. Make sure to indicate yourself as an adult.

It is actually not harder to learn to play the piano as an adult

Second of all, some people think that it is harder to learn to play the piano as an adult because the fingers are less dexterous and that adults supposedly do not learn as fast as children. This is one of the biggest misconceptions. The only thing that is true about adults having a disadvantage compared to kids when it comes to learn the piano is that you will be older by the time you reach grade 8. That is all.

Adults learn the theory lessons quicker than children, and are about on par with young kids when it comes to practical. Music theory will definitely be understood and learnt much faster by adults simply because adults would have gone through basic academia at least. On the other hand, some kids are as young as 3 or 4 when they start piano lessons. Advanced music theory can be really difficult to teach such young children.

Groom Moved Bride To Tears By Playing ‘All Of Me’ Piano Song At Wedding

I recently found a very sweet video of a groom who surprised his wife during his actual wedding day by performing John Legend’s ‘All Of Me’. He did not actually know how to play the piano, but he self taught himself (according to the video’s description) how to play the piano.

Did you see the bride’s surprised and touched reaction? She was literally trying not to cry out loud because she was so touched!!! If you are a man looking to get married relatively soon, taking a few quick adult piano lessons in Singapore is a great way to surprise your bride and soon-to-be wife!

In my opinion, learning to play a beautiful love song on the piano and surprising your future spouse with it is a very touching thing. In Singapore, most couples only say out a speech, and mention their parents. Why would you be another statistic?

In fact, make your wedding in Singapore stand out. Make your own wedding memorable for yourself and your guests by playing the piano and surprising your bride! It is definitely a very sweet move if done right.

If you are looking for adult piano lessons in Singapore so you can pull a similar pleasant and sweet surprise on your future wife during your wedding, you may want to get a teacher from a local music teacher agency. There are several in Singapore, but one of the most recommended piano agencies I know of in Singapore is Sg Learn Piano website.

Child playing the piano

Should Your Child Take Home Or School Piano Lessons? Kiasu Parents Guide

Should your child take private home or school piano lessons?

Many middle and upper class married couples in Singapore send their children for piano lessons starting from a young age. Therefore, this is a question that many Singaporean parents are asking. Let me try to best answer this question as much as possible from the point of view of a person who has a lot of experience working with couples.

Do both you and your spouse work full time jobs?

First of all, do both you and your spouse work full time? If so, do either of you have the time and energy to send your child to piano lessons during your break times or after your work? If your child is really young, I seriously want you to consider getting home based piano lessons for your child instead. This way, you and your spouse can relax at home and still take care of your child while the piano lessons are being conducted. On the other hand, your choice can be more flexible if your child is already a teenager. However, most teenagers in Singapore have a very hectic school schedule, so it is actually more convenient for a teenage child to take home piano lessons so travelling time can be reduced to zero.

Is your child going to learn piano to very high grades and for the long term?

Second of all, is your child definitely going to learn piano all the way? If you are not sure if your child wishes to learn piano seriously, you should ideally send your child for school piano lessons or to the teacher’s studio instead. This way, you do not need to purchase a piano upfront first. You can let your child learn this way first, and then see how to proceed depending on your child’s actual interest level after taking a few music lessons in Singapore.

Does your child learn best in a one to one or group environment?

Third of all, it depends on whether you child learns best in a group environment or one to one. School lessons are sometimes taught in a group. Whereas, private home piano lessons are always one to one. Some children learn better in groups, while others work better one to one. Check with your child and you should act according to that.

Beautiful Piano Proposal In Singapore – Sweet Piano Playing By Groom!

Most Singaporeans simply prefer to go on a holiday trip and then propose at the top of a mountain or in front of a romantic location. However, there are others who prefer to do it locally, with the help of friends and with more effort than just randomly proposing on a holiday trip.

As you can see the video from below, a real gentleman in Singapore is proposing to his future wife (then girlfriend) by playing a piano song and singing a ballad to her. In fact, even his good buddies have decided to join in as well! It looks like a well orchestrated wedding proposal in Singapore videoed by Octopus Wedding of Singapore (unfortunately it seems like they are already stopped their operations… not sure why.).

Adding a piano to the proposal just makes it that much more romantic. Of course, a guitar may also work, but we love piano more, so let us talk about it! In fact, playing the piano as part of a wedding proposal is quite common outside of Singapore as you can see from the various examples here.

In my opinion, adding a piano song (perhaps play the favourite romantic song you and your girlfriend loves) is a great icing on the cake when it comes to proposing to your girlfriend in Singapore! After all, it is still a relatively new concept in Singapore, and you can stand out more. Being a musician on top of being the attractive you will just add that slightly higher probability that your future wife will say YES! If you also want to be able to perform like that at your own proposal, consider taking some local music classes in SG!