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All About Learning The Piano In Singapore As An Adult

If you are interested in taking piano lessons in Singapore as an adult, you may want to read this article. This is because there are some differences when it comes to adult piano lessons in Singapore compared to normal lessons for children.

Not all teachers in Singapore want to teach adult piano lessons

First of all, not every teacher in Singapore wants to teach adult piano lessons. This is simply because most adults only learn for a short period of time. Some adults who want to take piano lessons only want just a few lessons. This is because most adults in Singapore only take music lessons to learn one or two songs and stop. As a result of this, some piano tutors are not keen to take in adult students. However, some are fine with it.

Just keep in mind that you should check with the teacher or the piano tutor agency in Singapore before confirming on the teacher. You do not want any unnecessary misunderstanding. It will be terrible if the piano teacher turned up expecting a child only to meet an adult. You do not want to start off your adult piano lessons on a bad note. If you go through an agency, most piano teacher agency websites will also have you fill up a short form which requires you to indicate the student’s age anyway. Make sure to indicate yourself as an adult.

It is actually not harder to learn to play the piano as an adult

Second of all, some people think that it is harder to learn to play the piano as an adult because the fingers are less dexterous and that adults supposedly do not learn as fast as children. This is one of the biggest misconceptions. The only thing that is true about adults having a disadvantage compared to kids when it comes to learn the piano is that you will be older by the time you reach grade 8. That is all.

Adults learn the theory lessons quicker than children, and are about on par with young kids when it comes to practical. Music theory will definitely be understood and learnt much faster by adults simply because adults would have gone through basic academia at least. On the other hand, some kids are as young as 3 or 4 when they start piano lessons. Advanced music theory can be really difficult to teach such young children.